Celebrities Take The Pledge

Celebrities have taken the pledge by volunteering behind the scenes or appearing on our shows using their platform to make a difference for humanity & to give a voice to the voiceless.

Judge Edwin Torres
Supreme Court Judge | Author of Carlitos Way

Luis Guzman
Actor | NIMBY Spokesman

Lori Michaels
Singer | Songwriter

Eric Alt
Celebrity Hair Designer

Marc Bouwer
Celebrity Fashion Designer

Lauren Velez
Actress | "Dexter"
Fran Drescher
Actress | Activist

Jonathan Lovitz
T.V. Personality | Photographer

Ray Rosario
Artist | "DIY MakeOver"

T.V. & Radio Personality
Karl Champley
T.V. Personality | Master Builder

Jonathan Lovitz
T.V. Personality | Entertainer

Tiffany Dufu
President Of The White House Project
Javier Gomez
Artist | Photographer

Lance Bass
Actor | Singer | Producer

James D. Train Williams
Ashlee Ray

John Cha Cha Ciarcia
Actor | NIMBY Ambassador